Early Years Foundation Stage
Daisychain fully supports the Early Years Foundation Stage and conducts
assessment and planning around the EYFS criteria. We support each
child's unique LEARNING JOURNEY based upon the following areas of
learning & development:

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Communication and language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design

For a detailed insight, please click on the above image where you will find
all the  information on the different areas covered by statutory law.

Daisychain supports children from the earliest age to discover a love of
books and reading. We have a vast children's library, suited to all ages
and stages of development. We share our ideas and learn from  other
dedicated colleagues through the National Literacy Trust forum and
ongoing professional training.

As well as a huge selection of beautifully illustrated story books,
Daisychain has an array of wonderful children's books which celebrate
our diverse society and teach awareness and  respect for different
types of family and ways of life.

We also provide literature which supports good manners, taking
responsibility including looking after the environment, fine motor skills and
helping young children cope with difficult emotions like parental separation
or divorce, learning to share and managing anger.

Some of our publications also teach the children in our careto have
empathy for those living with medical challenges, and reassure those
living with special needs or managing a condition that we are a
sympathetic setting.  
Below is a small selection of our Library.