Fire Escape Floor Plan
Daisychain Childminding Ltd
Fire Escape Procedure

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are fitted within the
Childminding premises on both floors. In addition, we have 2 fire blankets, 2
fire extinguishers and 2 First Aid kits.

Our staff have been trained as Fire Marshals by St John Ambulance. We
teach the children in our care fire safety and practise fire drill routines


Children will only be using the ground floor of the property.. Should for any
reason all ground floor exits be impassable, there is a Kidde 2-storey 13 foot
escape ladder on the first floor from which a safe descent may be made.

On the ground floor where staff and the children will be located, there a 2
sets of double doors, one set in the playroom where children and staff will
be mainly occupied, and the other set in the kitchen/diner where we may be
eating or watching children’s television/ videos. These doors are kept locked
but keys are always to hand and exit is very quick and simple. Escape may
be made onto the garden decking and around to the left and out through the
locked back garden gate to the front of the house or straight down to the lawn
to obviate immediate danger. Both  staff members carry the garden gate key
with them at all times, as well as front door and extra double door key sets
as a matter of course. None of the windows throughout the premises is
locked with keys so escape via low level windows in the front Dining Room
is always an option.
Depending on where the fire is, it may be more practicable to emerge from
the front door which may be opened without keys from inside.

Where practicable and if a fire is small or contained and there in NO threat to
the safety of either children or staff, the fire blanket +/ fire extinguisher will be
employed. NB: This will NOT be done INSTEAD of removing staff and
children from the premises should any fire break out. As a top priority, all
children will be safely removed from the premises and looked after by one or
other of the 2 staff members.
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