Ensuring that your child receives the best nutrition is a top
priority at Daisychain. We use the best products to guarantee
your child enjoys variety,  balanced and tasty meals. Good table
manners are encouraged by your Practitioner's supervision.
We do not serve fizzy drinks, do not add extra salt or sugar
and use fresh ingredients where possible, especially vitamin-rich
fresh fruits and vegetables.
Your input regarding your child's preferences, allergies,
acceptable snacks, religious & cultural diet requirement will be
our essential guide.

A typical lunch consists of:

Wholewheat pasta/Risotto/Mashed potato/Baked potato
     Chicken/Scrambled egg/Sausages, Beans/
Quorn nuggets/Fish
mixed vegetables/

yogurt or fromage frais +/fresh or dried

Snacks might be:

Fresh or dried fruit, Rice cakes

Water and milk are in plentiful supply
Children are supervised to develop their creative skills, by having
a go at baking their own food or perhaps making a fruit salad.
They are involved in menu planning where suitable to encourage a
sense of self- worth, responsibility and fun! We also go on
picnics, weather permitting,

All food and milk is included in the fee.

Nutrition & sample menus
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