The Importance of Routine
We believe that children feel secure and achieve more when they
are provided with a good structure to their daily activities.
Meals, rest times, drop off and pick ups are clear markers
around which fun and stimulating activities are planned. However,
we are child-led  in many of our activities and do not adhere
rigidly to routine at the expense of developmental need. Some
days may have a particular theme which will depend upon your
child's age, interest and developmental need. eg. nature, cooking,
safety (road,fire, in public places, water etc); pets, festivals,
family and national celebrations, going to the doctor/dentist,
music, sport etc. Other days are unplanned and depend upon the
weather and/or your child's spontaneity. Assume most days are
"messy days" and please provide old clothes!
A Typical Day

08:00am-8.30am   Arrivals, breakfast and quiet play

8.30am                  School run and pre-school runs

9.30am-11.30am   Activity such as painting, messy play,
playdough,                                      creative play.

We design a flexible, personalized programme upholding EYFS
principles and in consultation with parents, focusing on your child's
educational and development needs, which we incorporate into your
child's daily activities. Numeracy, literacy, creative and
exploratory play are achieved through our philosophy of learning
through fun.

           School/pre-school pick ups (if needed)

12.15pm-1pm      Lunch

1pm-2.30pm        Quiet time - naps for children who need them, group
reading, arts & craft, CBeebies

3.00pm                 School pick up

3.30pm-4.30pm   Own choice of toys . Children can play in the garden
(weather permitting) or do their homework

4.30pm                 tea/snacks, Quiet play,eg reading, arts & crafts
home time

There are many opportunities to socialise when we visit the toy
library, play groups and go on outings.

The above is an illustration only of typical activities
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