Risk Assessments
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Health & Safety are major concerns at Daisychain. We risk assess all new
activities and ensure existing practices remain safe on a daily basis.
Examples of how we make the environment as safe as possible include:

fixing all shelving in the Playroom and Day room to the walls;
wrapping  wires in cable tidies; using child safety plugs;
locking access to all hazardous substances and out of bound areas;
providing child safety locks on fridge, freezer, washing machine and dryer;
providing comprehensive fire safety equipment (please see Fire Escape Plan);
closing off cooking areas;
installation of banisters without spindles and child stair gate to prevent access
to upstairs.
Personal alarms, baby monitors and id tags on outings
teaching road and general personal safety when out and about
Fitted gates, child steps and rails in the garden
High windows which allow ventilation but prevent exit.
Thorough hygiene practices to rule out infection and contamination in all areas:
food: preparation & equipment including regular cloth rotation and sterilisation;
toilet and nappy changing facilities etc.
cctv to monitor garden safety within totally enclosed garden;
all toys are regularly checked and conform to CE standards;
supervision of children at all times;
suitable clothing for respective activities;
we keep 2 First Aid boxes on the premises and one in the car, which is also
equipped with a child monitoring mirror
Accident and Incident books are maintained to ensure your child's well being is
constantly monitored.
we keep a room thermometer in the Playroom to ensure that the temperature
is always comfortable. All radiators are individually controlled, never kept too
high, and may be covered if there is any risk to children.
Children are well supervised around all heat sources

Please take a look at some our detailed Risk Assessments below