Arts & Crafts 3
We made a cute
EASTER chick
from plaster. It
was fun mixing
and pouring-
and we had to
be very careful
and quick 'cos
the plaster sets
very quickly!
But we had to
AGES  for
the plaster to
dry properly-
that was the
hardest part!
We painted our
chick yellow
but gave it lots
of other
colours too
Our handprints made
stunning rainbow    
We study optical illusions
and learn about artists like
Sand art
supports fine
motor control
Painting over a
drawing made with
a  candle or wax
crayons creates
artistic surprises
and introduces the
idea of
Numeracy & Reasoning: we
turned a flat drawing into a
3-dimensional penguin
puppet that waddles!
Designig our own puzzles
is great fun and lets us
exercise maximum choice
3 D Christmas models