Daisychain Childminding  offers an extensive Childminding service, covering
both  full- and part-time needs.
We also collect and drop off children from and to school. We provide two
meals a day where required. As well as satisfying the 14 National
standards set by Ofsted (bottom), we have comprehensive policies on all
of the subjects below, available upon request and presented in booklet
form to all parents prior to signing the contract. Each child also has their
own unique photo diary and development record which makes a very special
keepsake. We monitor your child’s progress on a weekly basis.  Each child
has a file for observational records, developmental progress records, work
books and some examples of their work; these are available for you to
see at all times and will be presented to you when your child starts school.
  • Accidents & Existing Injuries
  • Administering Medicines
  • Appropriate Contact
  • Behavioural Standards & Management
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Child Protection
  • Complaints Procedure (Informal & Formal)
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Different Abilities
  • Emergencies & Back- Up Cover
  • The Environment
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Feedback
  • Goals
  • Health  & Hygiene
  • Holidays
  • Hours & Punctuality
  • Illness
  • Incidents
  • Insurance
  • Introducing Sick Child to Childminding Setting
  • Lost Child Procedure
  • Medical Conditions
  • Nutrition
  • Policy Agreement
  • Prices & Payment Methods
  • Recommend A Friend Discount
  • Records & Confidentiality
  • Safety & Security
  •  Settling In
  • Sexism
  • Terminating Contract
  • Uncollected Children
  • Working With Parents
1.Suitable person: only suitable people are allowed access to the children in our care.
2.Organisation:      we satisfy the required child:adult ratio.
3.Care, Learning & Play : we provide suitable activities to meet your child's individual needs and promote
their welfare.
4.Physical environment: our premises are safe and suitable to look after your child. There is plenty of
space, ventilation, heating and light and we provide a suitable range of facilities.
5.Equipment: we provide safe, appropriate toys which stimulate yout child, are well maintained and
conform to safety standards.
6.Safety: we promote safety within our setting and when out & about; we take care to prevent
7.Health: we promote your child's good health and take measures to prevent the spread of infection,
encourage hygiene and take the appropriate measure when any child is ill.
8. Food & Drink: we provide regular food and drink in the right amounts, at the correct nutritional level
for your child. We take into account religious, dietary and medical requirements.
9.Equal Opportunities: We operate an anti-discriminatory policy and offer equal opportunities to all
10.Special Needs: We are aware that some children may have special needs educationally or physically
and take the appropriate action when necessary, liaising with parents and other relevant parties.
11.Behaviour: We manage children's behaviour appropriately to promote their welfare and development.
12.Working in partnership with parents: We work with and share information with parents to meet your
children's needs.
13.Child Protection: we comply with local child protection procedures approved by the Area Child
Protection Committee.
14.Documentation: we maintain records, policies and procedures for the safe and efficient management
of our Practice. These are confidential and only shared with the child's parents
Daisychain satisfies and is mindful to maintain the 14 National Standards set by OFSTED.
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Daisychain Childminding Ltd